The Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. (HNAM) plays a leading role in the state co-ordination system of state-owned assets (real estates, movable assets, land, companies, special property elements) and property managers (Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. - HNAM Zrt., Hungarian Development Bank, National Land Fund, central budgetary organisations, municipalities).

The most important tasks of the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. are regulated by the framework rules of the Act on State Assets; the legal act sets out the transactions, processes, objects, in regard of which the HNAM is endowed with exclusive powers in case of state assets.

The Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. started its operation on 1 January 2008 with merger and as the successor of three predecessor organisations - State Privatisation and Holding Company, Treasury Property Directorate and the National Land Fund Management Organisation. Since the transition period, contemporary politics always set out various strategies for the different asset groups and formed institutions to suit these strategies.   As a result, each item of these asset groups - such as real estates, lands, companies - were always treated separately.  HNAM has created the conditions of a system, under which the state asset proprietary approach is unified.

Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. Address: 1133 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 56.Phone: +36 1 237-4400Fax:+36 1 237-4100

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